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A Kids Comic Set In Ancient China (Grades 3-7)

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Journey to the Middle Kingdom continues with Issue #4: "Zhou Chu Eliminates 3 Evils." In this issue, Sabrina realizes how much she misses home, and wonders if Jason is taking their situation seriously. To add to their worries, Fa Hai, the Buddhist Monk that sealed away the White Snake Maiden, has appeared. His minion, Zhu, failed to stop our heroes in the Kingdom of Yelang, and is determined to stop Jason and the gang this time, no matter what!

The original story of "Zhou Chu Eliminates 3 Evils" is about a young ruffian who changes from becoming a street punk to a hero of his nation. The moral of the story is that through hard work and discipline, anyone can become great. A beautiful lesson. Become a backer today! and you'll get access to all sorts of great backer rewards exclusive to Kickstarter! Great gifts for folks with children or grandchildren!


Journey to the Past to Save The Future

3 American teenagers are sent to ancient China by the Jade Emperor to ensure that history unfolds as it should. They are given magical calligraphy brushes where if you write a Chinese character in the air, what you write, becomes real!


Teaching Kids About World Cultures

JMK is a series that takes place in ancient China, and the aim is to teach children about Chinese culture and language. It's important that our children learn more about the greater world around them, and this series is a fun way to do just that!

The Characters

  • Jason Xia is the leader of the group. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 7. His grandfather spent hours teaching him Chinese fables and stories, but Jason prefers sports to reading. Jason's Chinese character is "Power."

  • Michelle Jones is a budding artist. She hopes to one day have her own art exhibit and make her mother proud of her. Michelle has dreams of a mysterious woman trapped in a pagoda by a lake. Michelle's Chinese character is "Heart."

  • Sabrina is always top of her class and is definitely the brains of the group. Sabrina is able to size up a situation and determine the best of course of action, but she sometimes butts heads with Jason. Her character is "Wisdom."

  • Fa Hai is a powerful Buddhist monk. He appears serene, but his heart is filled with turmoil. Believing that spirits and humans should not wed, Fa Hai made it his mission to break up the White Snake Maiden and her husband. Eventually, he trapped the White Snake Maiden in Leifeng Pagoda for eternity.

  • The White Snake Maiden, also known as Bai Su Zhen, fell in love with a human and married. She could have ascended into the heavens, but stayed behind on Earth for love. She was trapped in Leifeng Pagoda by Fa Hai, but now, she appears in the dreams of Michelle Jones.

  • The Princess of Yelang was a young prodigy at archery and was poised to become queen of the powerful kingdom of Yelang. Her bright future turned into a living nightmare.

  • The Queen married the King of Yelang, and soon became jealous of the princess. Her plan to banish the princess to the woods initially worked, and she was queen of a powerful nation.

  • Liu Qi leads the rebellion against the queen, but has had some hard luck and was captured and thrown in jail. He is brave and pure of heart.

  • Zhu is Fa Hai's servant and first appeared in issue #2: The Princess of Yelang Part 1. He was once human, and is working for Fa Hai in hopes to regain his human form.

  • Zhu was once human and was married to a woman named Ke Xin. He believes if he serves Fa Hai faithfully, he will one day regain his human form.

  • img

    Jason Xia

    The Leader
  • img

    Michelle Jones

    The Artist
  • img

    Sabrina Kennedy

    The Brains
  • img

    Fa Hai

    The Villain
  • img

    The White Snake Maiden

    The Mysterious Helper
  • img

    The Princess of Yelang

    Young Prodigy
  • img

    The Queen of Yelang

    The Jealous Monarch
  • img

    Liu Qi

    Rebel Leader
  • img


    The Mysterious Servant
  • img

    Zhu's Human Form

    Love Lost

The Magic Calligraphy Brushes


Chinese Characters Become Real

Using their magic calligraphy brushes, our heroes can write a Chinese character in the air. Whatever they write, becomes real! Our heroes must master Chinese to make full use of their powers.

the team

Every Issue A New Story

Our heroes take part in a different Chinese fairy tale each issue, trying to identify where the story goes wrong, and to make sure history happens as it should. Of course they need to know what story they're in first, and to solve the mystery before time runs out!

What does "Middle Kingdom" refer to?

Quite simply, the "Middle Kingdom" is China itself. The word for China is two characters. The first character is middle, and the second character means kingdom. Therefore, Journey to the Middle Kingdom is the journey to China!

Read A Sample

Want to take a look and see what all the fun is about? No problem! We have samples available online.

Issue #1.
Issue #2.
Issue #3.